So by now anyone with a pulse is very familiar with the uproar that occurred yesterday courtesy of TDE’s own Kendrick Lamar.  For those that might be living under a rock or perhaps some of you still have AOL dial up internet and are waiting for a connection like it is 2001 again let me fill you in.  Big Sean ( yea that lame duck rapper you have heard along side the likes of other lame duck rappers like kanye west) liberated a joint called “Control” that features Kendrick and a very rare (and forgettable) appearance from Jay Electronica ( you remember him right?  Exhibit A, Exhibit C then not much else).  Moving on, Sean spits first and if you are like me you couldn’t hit the fast forward button fast enough during his verse, for those that don’t want to hear him rap skip to about the 3 min mark.  Up next was the verse that seems to have set a fire underneath the entire east coast by Kendrick.  In this verse he proclaimed himself the “king of NY” and proceeded to let damn near every notable “new school” rapper know that even though we are homies when it comes to this rap shit I am coming for the jugular.  Understandably rappers being the overly sensitive people they are were up in arms over these claims of a Cali based emcee being the “king of NY” and they took to twitter to speak their piece.  Most very laughable but what do you expect from rappers?  I swear some of them must have a lifetime supply of maxi pads because its not natural for grown men to cry so much.  Upon me hearing the song for the first time I restarted Kendrick’s verse at least 10 times and had the screw face the entire time.  Finally, some real rap shit.  A verse that showed me why I love hip-hop like I do.  Finally an emcee ballsy enough to go into attack mode and do what an emcee is supposed to do!  See that’s what confuses me about all of this.  Kendrick rapped.  He featured on a song and instead of dialing it in and just doing a lazy verse he did what he was supposed to do, Kendrick rapped.  Are you seeing a trend in what I am saying?  As an emcee your first goal should be to be the best, yes I am aware that most rappers (especially locals here in Phoenix) think they are just that.  Sadly most don’t even come close.  However, anytime you decide to bless a mic you should bring your A game and go the fuck in.  I know for me personally if I am asked to do a feature I am an entirely different artist.  I not only want to bring my A game but I want to make whomever else is on the song with me irrelevant.  That’s not a diss, that’s not me being cocky, that’s me wanting people to hear me and say “oh shit”.  When I first heard Kendrick’s verse my first words were just that, “Oh shit!”.  This is a moment in time that I believe will stand out as something that brought a much needed change to hip-hop.  New York you have been put on notice by Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar.  How will you respond?  Will you put more emphasis into your bars?  Will lyrics finally begin to matter like they used to?  I can only hope they will.  We needed this, Hip-Hop needed this.  To Kendrick Lamar I say thank you!

p.s. Jay Elec spits last and I didn’t even know he was on the song until I accidently fast forwarded past Kendrick’s verse instead of rewinding it.  Oops.



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