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Hello! My name is Mouse Powell and I am an independent musician based out of Phoenix, Arizona. About two years ago I released my debut album Where It’s Cloudy to amazing reception! Since then I have been able to do some awesome things. I have gotten to tour multiple times, I’ve made a ton of new friends, and even have had the pleasure of performing alongside artists that inspired me to begin making music. All the while I have been growing as an artist, host, and person. Now, with your support I am ready to take my career to the next level with my new album, These are the Good Times!
These are the Good Times is a step out of the boundaries of the traditional Hip Hop formula. Entirely produced by The Ref, we have set out to create a body of work that reflects the diversity and beauty of Arizona music, all while staying true to our Hip Hop roots. We’ve reached out to instrumentalists and artists from multiple genres to contribute to our sound (see list of artists involved below). By opting to step out of the box and collaborate with artists from different musical backgrounds we have been able to create something undeniably special. The making of this album has been an incredible experience, and we now are preparing ourselves to share our hard work with as many people as we can possibly reach by releasing it to the world physically and digitally free of charge. That’s where you come in to play!
In order to release “These are the Good Times” the way we intend to we need your help. By donating to our kickstarter today you will help fund the mastering process necessary to give the album the clarity and punch it deserves. An album of this caliber needs to promoted equally as strong with video work and physical copies that will put our songs directly into the hands of our supporters, new and old. To release this project without mastering or properly promoting it would be a tremendous discredit to the work we have lovingly laid forth. So we are humbly asking you, the people who have supported our dreams since day 1, to join us in bringing the world our strongest body of work yet.

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