Most folks may not know but I love Photography and this man right here is one of my Idols. He has taken pretty much all of your favorite rappers pictures. So check out the video and bio below!!

MANNION @ MILK (short version) from Digital Soul on Vimeo.

Celebrated photographer Jonathan Mannion continues his whirlwind career with the opening of a solo exhibition at Milk Gallery-curated by Alexis Bobbitt. The exhibit includes over 60 of Mannion’s most iconic and innovative photos, which together demonstrate his vast contribution to the past decade of urban music and popular culture.

Mannion’s photos are at once striking and familiar. The exhibit features both visually ingrained and never-before-seen portraits America’s most highly-regarded celebrities: seven time tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, hip hop megastar Jay Z, 2009 NBA MVP Lebron James, and countless others.

Jonathan Mannion began his career working with world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon and shooting up-and-coming urban music stars in New York City. In 1996, Mannion photographed hip-hop artist Jay-Z for his groundbreaking debut album, “Reasonable Doubt.” Over the next decade he achieved unparalleled influence on the aesthetic of urban photography. His work has grown alongside the culture he loves, and today Mannion’s subjects range from Olympic athletes to Hollywood actors. It is through his lens that people see many of the world’s biggest celebrities. For more information, visit



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