BIG up the homie Scatterbrain out of San Diego reppin that Red Lotus Klan and Masters of the Universe. Make sure you cop his latest project HERE!!! [ Shout out to my family at ]

I can’t front like I have followed my dude’s career from beginning to now… so coming across his battle videos was nice to see. Say what you want about my dude using the name “Scatterbrain” but… I do know that he battled L. Scatterbrain [FKA ‘Scatterbrain’] from Los Angeles for the right to use the name. All I can say is, there’s a reason why my dude still uses the name, and the one from LA has an “L” in front of his name. Enjoy the videos posted below and make sure you check out too!

Scatterbrain & DJ V-Rock- “Criminal Minded”

King of The Dot: Mad Flex vs. Scatterbrain [Sorry, but Scatterbrain’s FREESTYLES, off the top ish kills these cat’s writtens… peep game…]

Grind Time: Endr Won vs. Scatterbrain

Red Bull: Dizaster vs. Scatterbrain [This one was tough… Dizaster is a battle vet for sure…]



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